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Pulseman is an import-only platformer that came out late in the Mega Drive’s life span. As one of the many triple A-quality games that SOA either didn’t promote (Ristar) or ignored altogether (Monster World IV), Pulseman lost much of its intended audience. Over the years it became one of those import gems that leaves one wondering what the heck Sega of America was thinking.

Genesis Reviews

Panorama Cotton

One of the rarest and most expensive games on the Genesis, this import-only release is worth even more if you can find a copy with the limited edition tea cup that was only available as a freebie from Sunsoft. Those without it must make do with a great little shooter that pushes the 16-bit hardware to its limits. Not a bad trade off, eh?

Genesis Reviews

Monster World IV

Whenever Genesis fans list the import games that should have come to the West, Monster World IV is always at the top. The final game in the Monster World series, it’s arguably the best and one of the most revered action/RPGs on the Genesis. Some way, some how, you MUST play this game if you’re a fan of games overall. It’s just that good.