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Panzer Dragoon

Sega almost made up for the Saturn’s surprise launch with the phenomenal Panzer Dragoon. Inspired and full of ambiance, it wrapped simple, on-rails gameplay in brilliant presentation and showed us just what Sega’s next-gen hardware could do. This was the centerpiece of the Saturn’s early library and the forerunner of one of its greatest franchises.

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Tintin in Tibet

Tintin has been a classic comic hero for over a century, so it was only natural for him to get his own video game. It’s based on the 1960 book and features visuals were straight out of the comic. Lamentably, the gameplay and difficulty make this one adventure better left to the printed page.

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Soccer fans who haven’t played Striker are missing out. It’s one of the better MD representations of the sport, but the fact that it only came out in Europe has probably kept many fans unaware of its existence. They should check it out, as its solid gameplay and great presentation are sure to thrill.

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Konami’s unique blend of shooter action and cutesy humor was a big hit in Japan and Europe and was collected into a great two-game set. Sadly, U.S. gamers never got a release. They missed a solid collection that looked as good as it played. But, that’s what importing is for!