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Sega 32X Reviews

Primal Rage (32X)

Primal Rage capitalized on the digitized, gory brawlers that were popular in the ’90s. It’s got a decent premise and lots of blood, and the gameplay appealed to a decent amount of fighting fans. That being said, was it really necessary to release a 32X version? Did the extra hardware make a difference?

Sega 32X Reviews

FIFA Soccer ’96 (32X)

Sandwiched between the 16-bit and true 32-bit versions, FIFA Soccer ’96 for the 32X is a middle child that actually deserves its neglect. It does nothing to stand out, and it offers little reason for a purchase over its siblings, outside of collecting. Still, it’s undoubtedly the best soccer game on the 32X.

Sega 32X Reviews

Fahrenheit (32X)

The FMV deluge continues! The 32X version of Sega’s Fahrenheit came bundled with the regular Sega CD game. The difference? Better video quality! Unfortunately, it’s the same game otherwise. Take a deep breath and read our full review and remember, when your house is filled with FMV games, stop, drop, and roll!