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Genesis Reviews

It Came from the Desert

One of the more famous Genesis titles that was completed but never given a commercial release, It Came from the Desert has been freely available in ROM form for years. Cinemaware’s lost Genesis game may not be ground-shaking, but it’s worth checking out to see what could have been another addition to the console’s robust library.

Game Gear Reviews

Ecco: The Tides of Time (Game Gear)

Sega’s star dolphin made the rounds on the Genesis and Sega CD, and those games came to the Game Gear as well. The second of them, Tides of Time, isn’t a bad game at all, but it seems to lack that special something one would expect at this stage of the series. It’s worth taking a dip in this sea and checking out Ecco’s quest, just don’t expect a major experience.

Master System Reviews


The Master System saw its fair share of sword-slinging action, and one game that many have overlooked is Kenseiden. Though not perfect (and quite challenging), the game is worth spending some time with. Great visuals and a variety of levels are sometimes overshadowed by the stiff gameplay, but there’s fun to be had.

Saturn Reviews

Christmas NiGHTS Sampler

Saturn owners have a tradition that has not failed since 1996. Each Christmas, it’s time to break out the Christmas NiGHTS sampler and play through it! An amazing giveaway from Sega that was bundled with magazines, the disc is loaded with enough great content to keep players busy for hours. A merry Christmas indeed!