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America’s Least Wanted Vol. 02: The Case Against the Genesis

Consider if you will, the fact that every console has it’s fair share of crappy games. Those that are so bad that they are the subject of pity and mocking, moreso than scorn. Experienced Sega gamers know which ones to avoid, but what of those unfortunate souls who haplessly stumble into them? Who is held accountable? What if the competition of the era decided to call Sega out on it’s use of the Seal of Quality? Who would they place such a massive responsibility on? Why, attorney extraordinaire Phoenix Wright, that’s who! Only Harvey Birdman is more famous, and if there’s anyone who’s able to get to the bottom of this barrel of turds, it is he! We were lucky enough to get a glance at his pre-trial notes, so read the second installment of our America’s Least Wanted series before he finds out! OBJECTION!