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Genesis Reviews

Alien 3

In space, no one can hear you scream. From your living room, however, the entire neighborhood can partake in your vented frustration at Alien 3. They will all know your pain at running out of ammunition or totally failing to locate that last damn prisoner. Arena’s licensed thriller is a chest-bursting, face-hugging orgy of challenge that will have you masochistically coming back for more. That’s what happens when good platforming action is combined with maddening difficulty. It’s a good thing then, that Genesis controllers are so inexpensive. We’re here for you though, and reading our full review will show you why Ripley really ended up bald: she pulled her hair out trying to pass the slaughterhouse level.

Sega CD Reviews

Mortal Kombat (CD)

Controversial, innovative, all flash and no substance: Mortal Kombat has been called it all. When the famous fighter eventually made its way to the Sega CD, fans were hoping for a true system seller that would blow every other version out of the water. Did they get it? Not…exactly.