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Master System Reviews


There were tons of quality Master System games that never came to North America. Among them was perhaps one of the best platformers on the console. Only released in Europe and Brazil, Astérix is everything you’d expect from an awesome Sega title and then some. Find yourself a copy NOW.

Genesis Reviews

Astérix and the Power of the Gods

Asterix has been a staple of the French comics scene for half a century, and thefamous Gaul has appeared everywhere from movies to cartoons and even a theme park. Of course, a mid-’90s leap to the Genesis was a must, which lead to 1993’s Asterix & the Great Rescue. A sequel followed in 1995, but it was confined to Europe, as Sega of America left 16-bit behind and geared up for the transition to the Saturn. But even with its home grown popularity, Asterix & the Power of the Gods got lost in the next generation shuffle.