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Saturn Reviews

Virtual Hydlide

The U.S. Saturn suffered early on due to a lack of RPGs, and one of the first released was Virtual Hydlide. The game was a noble attempt at bringing a 3D environment to the genre, but it sacrificed everything the Hydlide series had built up over the years. The result was an adventure better left to rot in a dungeon.

Sega CD Reviews

Shin Megami Tensei

The Sega CD has a great selection of RPGs, but most were sadly left in Japan. Those willing to brave the language barrier should consider playing Shin Megami Tensei, an installment in the long-running and popular series that was never brought to the West. It’s a great upgrade over the Super Famicom version, and there are FAQs online to help with the plot!

Genesis Reviews

Gōketsuji Ichizoku (Power Instinct)

The fighting game craze of the early ’90s was huge, and not all the games made it overseas on all consoles. For instance, while SNES owners got to play Power Instinct, Sega Genesis fans were forced to import. Were they missing much, given the wealth of available options? Well, if you’re just looking for a new fighter to play around with, then this one might well be worth tracking down.

Genesis Reviews

Tecmo World Cup

Like soccer? Sure, most of the world does. Why then, would a company so closely tied to sports such as Tecmo go and release the dud that is Tecmo World Cup? Talk about no frills – this is as bare bones as they get. I guess the company released just how lackluster an effort the game was, since they changed the name in Japan. No need to contaminate foreign consoles, I guess.