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Genesis Reviews

Rock ‘N Roll Racing

Rocking and racing are two things that seem to go together well. Think about it: rock music blended with fast paced racing action; how could it go wrong? Well, what if the hardware wasn’t really able to produce the rocking part as it should? Is the solid gameplay of a faithful port enough to make up for it?

Genesis Reviews

Death and Return of Superman

Many people believe that DC Comics jumped the shark with the Death of Superman storyline. We all know that flagship comic book characters never stay dead (Jean Grey and Captain America, anyone?), but the completely silly way in which the writers handled Supes’ “death” and return was enough to make issue #75 of Superman end up less valuable than a square of used Cottonelle. The Sunsoft Genesis game was almost as bad, and it had few redeeming qualities as a beat-’em-up. Hey, at least it wasn’t as bad as Marvel’s Spider-Man clone saga…