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Master System Reviews

Sega Chess

Chess, the game of kings, actually had an official release for the Master System, though it was only in Europe. Though competent, the game pales in comparison to its unlicensed Genesis sibling. Still, if you’re a fan of the game and really need to play an 8-bit version of it, then Sega Chess might be something worth looking into.

Genesis Reviews


The classic game of chess comes to the Genesis, and it has never been better. It’s ironic that an unofficial release, available as a download for flash carts or as a reproduction cart, is perhaps the best version of the game on the console. No gimmicks, no licenses – just classic chess simulation for the serious enthusiast. If you’re a chess fan, you’ll want to play this one.

Game Gear Reviews

Chessmaster, The

The most legendary digital chess game in history came to the Game Gear in 1991, and Nova Logic did a stellar job with the port. Fans of the Game of Kings would do well to give this version a try, as the computer can be quite challenging, and it even features a two-player option!

Genesis Reviews


The classic board game comes to Genesis. Take charge of your armies and march them across the globe on your quest for world domination. This version adds some unique gameplay elements that make it worth trying for fans of the series or board gamers looking for something new to try. Destroy your enemies, see them driven before you, and hear the lamentation of their women!

Sega CD Reviews

Software Toolworks Star Wars Chess

While SNES owners were amazed by Super Star Wars and its excellent sequels, Sega CD owners struggled to view the grainy video in Rebel Assault and shook their heads in puzzled silence at Software Toolworks Star Wars Chess. Sure, it seems like a cool idea, until you see the laughable cut scenes and experience the long loading times and occasional game-breaking glitches. Suddenly, Star Wars Arcade on 32X doesn’t look so bad.