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Sega CD Reviews

Power Factory Featuring C+C Music Factory

Digital Pictures is a company that still creates controversy, long after it closed its doors. Those who defend it look to games that are both funny and engaging, and those who hate it simply pick up a copy of Power Factory Featuring C+C Music Factory. Usually, the argument ends there. However, Sega-16, in the interest of good journalism (or unflinching masochism), has put the game through its paces for a full review, in order to see if all the vitriol against it is justified. The result? There isn’t enough hate towards this game.

Sega 32X Reviews

Supreme Warrior (32X)

The early ’90s saw a ton of full-motion video games, and the genre exploded for a few years, until people actually came to their senses and remembered that they actually like to play their video games. Leading the FMV charge was Digital Pictures, and the company managed to release a lot of its games on different consoles, including the 32X. The result was the same game… but with much cleaner video! Supreme Warrior, a kung-fu fighter, was one title to get the 32X face lift, and we have a roundhouse review for it ready to go. Just remember: never take your eyes off your opponent, even when you bow.

Sega CD Reviews

Kids on Site

The short-lived Sega Club brand encompased a few scant cartridges, and it even managed to make its way to the Sega CD before disappearing entirely when Sega made the jump to the Saturn. Among its offerings was Kids on Site, an FMV title that had children working at a construction site and using heavy machinery to complete different tasks. A bit too simple for the older set, the kiddies at least had the chance to squash someone with a steam roller. Wait… what?

Sega CD Reviews

Sewer Shark

The Sega CD sure does love it some full-motion video! Nowhere else can such a massive repository of the genre’s best (?) offerings be found, and few, if any, are more famous (infamous?) than Sewer Shark. Rob Fulop and Digital Pictures united to release the single best-known example of FMV any console has ever known, and we just had to cover it!

Sega CD Reviews

Citizen X

We’ve another Sega CD review coming at ya, this time for Digital Pictures’ Citizen X. Never released for the Sega CD, it was recently finished and published by Good Deal Games. Think about this: an actual Digital Pictures game that isn’t entirely full motion video. Yep, I mean there’s actual gameplay in this one! No wonder DP didn’t want it made public!