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Sega Ages: The Mickey & Donald Games

Few cartoon pairs are more famous than Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck. The duo has conquered cinema, television, comic books, and even video games. That last category is especially interesting, considering the wealth of exposure the two received at the hands of Sega. Spanning the Genesis, Master System, and Game Gear; Mickey and Donald starred in over a dozen games, most of which were highly playable and truly entertaining. We’ve compiled a short list of some of their exploits for the first installment of our Sega Ages feature, which takes a look at first party Genesis games based on certain brands.

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Donald in Maui Mallard

Donald Duck has been all around the world, done many amazing things, and teamed up with the best of them. But did you know he was also a ninja? Yes, there is simply nothing this duck can’t do. Why, he’s so cool that he’s not just a ninja, he’s a ninja in Hawaii!

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Quackshot Starring Donald Duck

Of all the characters in Disney’s stable, only Mickey Mouse is more famous than Donald Duck. Movies and cartoons galore have made the rodent’s pal one of the most recognizable figures ever created. I’ve always liked him, probably because he’s the only Disney character who really lets go when he’s pissed. Never one to be taken advantage of, Donald gets what he wants, no matter how much trouble it gets him into.

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World of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse & Donald Duck

With most of the attention going to the battle being waged between Sonic and Mario, the Mickey Mouse series was almost ignored by most of America in the early ’90s. Most of his games were shelf-sitters and bargain bin warmers, some with good reason (Fantasia anyone?). A few, however, were actually pretty good. Titles such as Castle of Illusion, Mickey Mania, and of course, World of Illusion come to mind.