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Genesis Reviews

FIFA International Soccer

The World Cup may be over, but there’s plenty of soccer action to be found on the Genesis. EA sports has you covered with the first installment in its long-running FIFA series. This is the one that started it all! Later entries may have eclipsed it, but it was here that the groundwork was set, and it introduced four-player gameplay to the series.

Sega 32X Reviews

FIFA Soccer ’96 (32X)

Sandwiched between the 16-bit and true 32-bit versions, FIFA Soccer ’96 for the 32X is a middle child that actually deserves its neglect. It does nothing to stand out, and it offers little reason for a purchase over its siblings, outside of collecting. Still, it’s undoubtedly the best soccer game on the 32X.

Genesis Reviews

FIFA Soccer ’96

Though many would argue that Sensible Soccer was the better series, Electronic Arts’ FIFA games helped define the sport of soccer on the Genesis, and they are still very playable today. Some were better than others though, as evidenced by marked contrasts between the ’95 and ’96 installments.