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Forgotten Franchises: Chakan The Forever Man

Genesis gamers remember Chakan as one of the hardest titles on the console, but there’s no denying that there was definitely potential for the Forever Man to make his mark in gaming. A sequel was planned for the Dreamcast but never made it to release, and now Chakan is the Forever Forgotten Man. Read all about the state of the franchise and think of what could have been.

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Forgotten Franchises: Thunder Force

Combining maniac action with incredible graphics and awesome soundtracks, Thunder Force took no prisoners.

Yet after its fifth entry for both the Saturn and Playstation, the series upped and vanished. Technosoft quietly left the industry, and the series was no more. Why would anyone let one of gaming’s most cherished franchises disappear? What happened to the fabled sixth installment, which was slated to debut on the Sega Dreamcast? Many questions regarding Thunder Force’s fate have yet to be resolved, and it remains to be seen if they ever will be.

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Forgotten Franchises: Eternal Champions

Many of the fighting games on the SNES are also on the Genesis, and really only a few are only found on Nintendo’s console. Of them, none are equal to the complexity, plot, or all-out brutality that Eternal Champions brought to gamers everywhere. Developer Deep Water pulled no punches (hah!) and created a game that set out to beat Mortal Kombat at its own game. I think it really would have succeeded too, had Sega not pulled the plug on the franchise just as it was coming into its own.

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Forgotten Franchises: VectorMan

I was very excited when I heard that Sega was bringing back a few of its Genesis franchises for PS2. Along with a new incarnation of Altered Beast, they also decided to give Vectorman a new lease on life. Unfortunately, our hero forgot to read the “Proprietor has the right to cancel at any time” clause in said lease. The game was canned early in development and Vectorman was sent back to the end of the huge line of Sega properties awaiting another chance to shine.