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E3 2006: Golden Axe Returns!

E3 is underway and it didn’t take Sega long to drop a bombshell on old school fans. Next year, we can expect a return of that classic franchise, Golden Axe! Details are sketchy at this point, but one thing is clear: it’s going to be an action/RPG! Have a gander at our preview and see what Sega and newly-acquired developer Secret Level have been up to!

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History of: Golden Axe

Legendary. Classic. Timeless. These are only a few of the adjectives one could use to describe the Golden Axe franchise, which has been sorely abandoned for the last few years. Back in 1989, any arcade worth its salt had a Golden Axe unit prominently displayed. Gamers went wild for it and Sega had yet another hit to add to its repertoire of classics.

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Golden Axe II

The sequel to the classic Golden Axe returns to the tried-and-true formula that made the original so much fun, but it’s lacking in a few areas. It’s still a great game worth playing, and any fan of the original should definitely try this one out.

Genesis Reviews

Golden Axe

Sega kicked off an incredible franchise with the original Golden Axe, which hacked its way into gamers’ hearts as well as arcades worldwide. The Genesis port is actually superior to the coin-op original, as it has more levels and a great versus mode. This one defines the term “classic” and should be in every Genesis library.

Genesis Reviews

Golden Axe III

The third installment in the Golden Axe series never left Japan, and with good reason. Aside from a few good ideas, such as branching paths, the game comes off as extremely watered-down when compared to the original, which came out half a decade before it.