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Saturn Reviews


Hideo Kojima’s Snatcher is often hailed as one of the best reasons to buy a Sega CD. A well-received sequel was released on the PlayStation and Saturn but never made it stateside, depriving fans of a great adventure game. Thankfully, it was finally fan-translated a few years back and we can now enjoy what Kojima himself considers the definitive version.

Sega CD Reviews

Iron Helix

Looking for a puzzle-solving, sci-fi thriller for your Sega CD? Iron Helix may be your game. Combining the interface of a graphic adventure with full-motion video cut scenes and puzzle elements, the game offers an experience uncommon on the platform. It may not be as deep as later titles, such as “D” and “Enemy Zero,” but it’s definitely worth playing.

Sega CD Reviews

Urusei Yatsura: My Dear Friends

Game Arts crafted a graphic adventure that is sure to please fans of the classic cartoon on which it’s based thanks to some great comedy and some of the best animation on the Sega CD. Anime and manga fans will enjoy seeing Lum and friends come to the Mega CD in smart and quirky adventure. Don’t let the language barrier keep you away from what is one of the best games of its type.

Sega CD Reviews

Space Adventure, The

Hudson Soft brings Buichi Terasawa’s classic Cobra manga to life on the Sega CD. Though filled with great animation and story, its linear gameplay and poor voice acting may turn some gamers away. And then there’s that whole “costs around $100 on eBay” thing…

Genesis Reviews

Pac-Man 2: The New Adventures

Namco has maintained Pac-Man in the public eye for almost three decades, reinventing him every so often so that younger generations of gamers never forget the premier mascot of the industry. The incredible Pac-Man Championship Edition on Xbox Live Arcade, for example, shows how the yellow icon still has what it takes to make an impact. It hasn’t always been this way though. Over the years, Namco has tried all kinds of different formulas with Pac-Man, and some weren’t as successful as others. One of the more offbeat variations of the theme was Pac-Man 2: The New Adventures, which adopted a graphic adventure interface and took a lot of the chomp out of the gameplay.