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Hands-On: Gunstar Super Heroes (GBA)

So it’s out, and you’ve probably been playing the heck out it for the past couple of weeks. Yep, Gunstar Super Heroes is probably the center of your life right now. What? No? You haven’t rushed out and bought a copy yet? Then you need to read our product review and see what you’re missing. Trust us, if you own a GBA, then you need this game.


Preview: Gunstar Super Heroes

The weekend’s here! That means we take it easy and relax, right? Not at Sega-16! We send you on your merry way with a preview of Treasure’s upcoming magnum opus Gunstar Super Heroes, which includes a two-minute video of the game in action. Wait until you see the incredible bosses and stage effects!

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Gunstar Heroes

If there’s one thing clearly understood about owning a Sega Genesis, it’s that Gunstar Heroes must be a part of your library. Say what you will about Treasure and how they’re overrated, untalented, etc; but you cannot deny that this is easily their finest hour on the system and arguably their best game overall.