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Genesis Reviews

Dynamite Duke

There’s something to be said about straight-up shooters. I’m not talking about the “lone pilot vs. invading aliens” classics. No, I mean one guy with a BIG gun just squeezing the trigger until the vibrations stop! Dynamite Duke appears to be the game to fit the bill in this regard, until you actually play it. Aren’t explosions and big armament supposed to invoke some kind of a response? Shock and awe, meet your evil twin.

Sega CD Reviews


After gifting gamers with the RPG bliss that was Lunar the Silver Star, Working Designs got to work localizing their second release, Vay. Considered to be the hardest of the WD Sega CD quartet, it was actually a sweet little game, and it featured some interesting story elements to boot.

Genesis Reviews

OutRun 2019

OutRun 2019 deviates from the classic formula the series is known for, and for that reason it’s the most controversial of the bunch. Deviation doesn’t necessarily mean inferiority, so this one may be worth checking out for fans of the OutRun games and racing lovers in general.

Genesis Reviews


Everybody likes OutRun. The Ferrari, the music, the multiple paths; it’s all good. As one of the seminal racing games ever made, it has achieved almost legendary status. Originally released on the Sega Master System, it was brought to the Genesis in 1990 and was considered the best version until Sega brought it back on the Saturn for the Sega Ages Series.