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Genesis Reviews

A Dinosaur’s Tale

Dinosaurs are supposed to be cool, right? Most games that have them are, but there are a few that remind us why the terrible lizards became extinct. Fucom’s take on the popular children’s movie was an effort to cash in on a license, but it never quite figured out what it wanted to be, and all it ended up doing was making dinosaurs unattractive.

Genesis Reviews

Mickey’s Ultimate Challenge

Mickey Mouse had a long run on the Genesis, with some games being better than others. You mostly hear people talk about Castle and World of Illusion or Mickey Mania when the good ones are mentioned, and Fantasia usually tops the list of the bad. However, no one ever really mentions Mickey’s Ultimate Challenge. I wonder why that is? Isn’t it good, or is it a total stinker?

Genesis Reviews

Barbie Super Model

Mattel’s Barbie had games released for every electronic device made by man since her 1984 Commodore 64 debut. The Genesis was to receive two games, but the second, Barbie Vacation Adventure, was never released. The first title, Barbie Super Model, was unleashed upon the masses in 1993, and feverish little girls everywhere foamed at the mouth as they hungrily shoved the carts into their Genesis consoles. Ok, maybe it wasn’t quite that graphic, but the thought of gamers across the world having to give up some Genesis time so their little sisters could play dress up is just as horrifying.