Author: Corey Adcock

Sega 32X Reviews

Metal Head

Mechs are generally a good thing. Mech Warrior, Steel Battalion – both are great examples of how to do the genre right. Unfortunately, Metal Head is a prime example of the opposite. Want to know how not to make a game for a software-starved system? Read our review of this train wreck and learn!

Features, History Of

History of: Earthworm Jim

In 1994, David Perry and Doug TenNapel created a platforming icon. Earthworm Jim was a huge hit, and he has since gone on to appear on a myriad of platforms. Sega-16 takes a look at how the famous annelid got his start and where he’s headed in our latest History of article. Come on in and get groovy!

Genesis Reviews

Ecco the Dolphin

How many appearances has Sega’s star Dolphin made already? It seems like he’s been everywhere since his Genesis debut, and the world needs another game (are you listening, Sega?). We have a review for you of the game where it all began, so come on in; the water’s fine.