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Genesis Reviews

Elitserien ’96

NHL fans might not know it, but there’s another ice hockey league out there that has just as big a fan base. The Swedish Ice Hockey Association has a long and storied history of delivering the best of the sport to European fans, and this did not go unnoticed by game publishers. Electronic Arts, for one, published a modified version of its NHL ’96 with Swedish teams and players. How did it compare to the U.S. version?

Sega 32X Reviews

Toughman Contest (32X)

There are tons of boxing games out there and sadly, most of them stink. That’s why NES owners were so darn lucky to get Mike Tyson’s Punchout. The awesome action was matched only by the memorable characters, and Sega gamers spent years on the outside looking in. In 1995, Electronic Arts sought to rectify that with Toughman Contest for the fledgling 32X. Was it as good as Nintendo’s effort? You’ll have to read our full review to find out!

Genesis Reviews

Elitserien ’95

The Genesis is the home to many great sports titles, and its diversity goes beyond just different genres. Our 16-bit loving cousins across the pond got in on the action too, with games like Elitserien ’95, which was the Swedish league version of EA’s NHL series.

Genesis Reviews

NHL ’94

Hockey season is right around the corner, and sports fans know that this was one area in which the Genesis was truly untouchable. For all you fans of the ice out there, we have a review of NHL ’94. Read it. Enjoy it. Just try not paint your chest afterward….please.