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History of: Phantasy Star

There were many factors that allowed Phantasy Star to be so innovative in every respect. Sega did manage to develop some very capable systems early in console development. That, coupled with great designers, led to very technologically advanced games. However, Sega’s business practices and general corporate attitude toward the game designer teams are what affected the game development most. In fact, Sega’s success (or lack thereof) with each game seems to parallel changes in the company’s business practices. The changing corporate attitude of Sega can be seen in the quality of the stories and the marketing used for each of the Phantasy Star installments.

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History of: Valis

Before going hentai, the Valis series of games offered solid platforming action with some great cut scenes and a rockin’ soundtrack. Released for all the consoles of the 16-bit era (the Genesis received three games), the origins of the franchise go back much further, and one would be surprised at just how everything started. This retrospective covers the entire history of the series, from its tangled origins to its final 2D gasps.

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History of: Wonder Boy

Wonderboy is without a doubt one of the finest franchises of 8 and 16 bit gaming. Easily capable of holding its own with classic staples like Zelda and Mario, the Wonderboy games have gone woefully unappreciated, not because they’re inaccessible, but simply because so few have even played them. Those that have experienced the backbone games of this series know that it is truly one of gaming’s greatest.