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Saturn Reviews

Tempest 2000

The Atari Jaguar classic received an incredible port on the Saturn. Arguably as good if not better than the original, it explodes onto Sega’s 32-bit beast with bold visuals, great gameplay, and that classic Tempest 2000 soundtrack in redbook format!

Game Gear Reviews

5-in-1 FunPak

Board games on a game console might not hold much attention when released on their own, but bundled together, they can offer a package worthy of some time. Interplay’s 5-in-1 FunPak takes a few board game staples and puts them on a single Game Gear cartridge, complete with two-player option. Is it enough to hold one’s attention? Read on and see.

Genesis Reviews

Rock ‘N Roll Racing

Rocking and racing are two things that seem to go together well. Think about it: rock music blended with fast paced racing action; how could it go wrong? Well, what if the hardware wasn’t really able to produce the rocking part as it should? Is the solid gameplay of a faithful port enough to make up for it?

Genesis Reviews

Lost Vikings

Blizzard is known for its classics, and among them one can find The Lost Vikings. An awesome combination of puzzler and platformer, it was a major hit, even spawning a sadly underappreciated SNES sequel (those of you who haven’t played it, find a copy and do so NOW). Several consoles got releases of the original, and you may be wondering how the Genesis version stacks up. Lucky for you that we have a full review to set you in the right direction. You can thank us later.