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Hands-On: After Burner Climax (iOS)

Sega’s screaming fighter shmup is back, and this time it’s on your iPhone! Everyone loves After Burner, and Sega’s made the classic franchise portable again. Going from the arcade to consoles and then to the mobile market seems like quite a trek for even a fighter jet to make, and this one sadly loses some of its speed along the way. Some games simply weren’t made for a phone.

Features, Hands-On

Hands-On: Shining Force (iPhone)

Sega has certainly made a point to bring the original Shining Force to as many platforms as possible, with the game appearing on several compilations. Of course, a mobile phone version couldn’t be far behind, and the game slashed its way to the iPhone this past summer. So what better way to celebrate the twentieth anniversary of the series than by giving this latest version a full hands-on?