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NFL ’94 Starring Joe Montana

Perhaps the biggest threat to Madden, Sega’s NFL series offered a great alternative for gridiron gladiators to get their digital fix. The series is considered by many to have peaked with the 1994 installment, which blended the famous Sports Talk feature with solid visuals and gameplay that required a better knowledge of play-calling than most football titles.

Genesis Reviews

NFL Sports Talk Football ’93 Starring Joe Montana

What better way to compliment Monday Night Football than with a review of a Genesis NFL game? I’ll tell you a better way: include a game actually worth playing. The Joe Montana series was notoriously hit and miss, and the ’93 installment appears to be one of the bigger misses. Among the problems cited are a clunky interface and poor AI. Hey, that actually doesn’t sound too far off from this year’s Madden! We kid about that last part, but the Montana part is still true.

Genesis Reviews

Joe Montana Football

Last week we went into great detail about the development behind the original Joe Montana Football, a game that helped spark the great NFL rivalry on the Genesis between Sega and Electronic Arts throughout the ’80s. So we thought: after so much research and investigation, why not just review the darn thing?