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History of: Jurassic Park

From the original game to The Lost World, the penultimate release for the console, the four titles Sega gave us have sparked discussion and controversy around the Internet for years. Sega-16 takes a look at the games in the latest installment of our comprehensive History of… series. Have a read and watch out for the raptors!

Sega CD Reviews

Jurassic Park (CD)

Jurassic Park CD is a decidedly different take on the franchise. Going the point-and-click route, it was a fresh experience that forced gamers to think instead of shoot, and any misstep could result in a quick death. Read on and see why there’s yet one more game that should be in your Sega CD library.

Genesis Reviews

Jurassic Park

Let’s face it: everybody likes dinosaurs. After all, lots of them are big, fast, and vicious, and we humans have an innate fascination with any form of life that can so easily make mincemeat out of us. Steven Spielberg took advantage of our love affair with the beasts through his grand sci-fi flick, Jurassic Park; now the Genesis game, which is really only loosely based on the movie, tries its luck.