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Genesis Reviews

King of the Monsters

Companies like Takara brought many Neo Geo ports to the Genesis, including the King of the Monsters series. Though the sequel is better, the original offers some simple fun that’s still worthy of some play. Just be sure to play it first, as its limited monster selection and repetitive gameplay pales next to its successor.

Genesis Reviews

King of the Monsters 2

Takara made sure that all those gamers who didn’t have $500 to pony up for a Neo Geo AES system weren’t left without playing all the cool games that made the console so attractive. Genesis owners got a ton of ports, and while some weren’t up to par with the arcade originals, most were pretty competent. King of the Monsters 2 was one conversion that took a different route than its coin-op sibling, and the result was a game that was quite fun to play.