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John Madden Football ’93

Football season may be over, but it’s always Sunday on the Genesis! Madden ’93 continued EA’s steady evolution of its gridiron juggernaut with the 1993 installment, and it offers a great time for anyone wanting to play armchair quarterback for a while. Grab some chips and a cold one and get ready for some football!

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Sega Ages: John Madden Football

With the NFL playoffs entering high gear, we take a look back at the video game franchise that is virtually synonymous with American football. The Madden games have enjoyed continued success on many different consoles, but it was on the Genesis that it really became a powerhouse franchise. Come in and see the evolution of a true gaming juggernaut.

Genesis Reviews

Madden NFL ’95

The NFL season is winding down, and the playoff picture is becoming clearer with each passing week (go Pats!). That being said, professional sports can be rough, so why not make your own destiny? There’s no better way to do so than with video games! Electronic Arts’ Madden series has been the benchmark for football for two decades, and in no place was its evolution more notable than on the Genesis. The ’95 installment made major strides in bringing a true football simulation to Sega’s console, but it fumbled in a few areas.