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Make Your Own Music Video: Kriss Kross

If ever there was fashion trend that was downright dumb, it was the one involving Kriss Kross putting their pants on the wrong way. Sadly, people were willing to let the duo “warm it up” long enough to join in on the craze, and Sega even went so far as to give them their own video game. Debuting under the Make My Video label alongside such gaming powerhouses such as Marky Mark, Kris Kross’ horrible fashion sense is forever preserved in grainy, low-color video.

Sega CD Reviews

Power Factory Featuring C+C Music Factory

Digital Pictures is a company that still creates controversy, long after it closed its doors. Those who defend it look to games that are both funny and engaging, and those who hate it simply pick up a copy of Power Factory Featuring C+C Music Factory. Usually, the argument ends there. However, Sega-16, in the interest of good journalism (or unflinching masochism), has put the game through its paces for a full review, in order to see if all the vitriol against it is justified. The result? There isn’t enough hate towards this game.

Sega CD Reviews

Make Your Own Music Video: Marky Mark & the Funky Bunch

Somewhere, when no one is looking, Mark Wahlberg silently curses at his PC monitor as he scours eBay. The cause of his anger? Copies of Make My Video: Marky Mark & the Funky Bunch fetching BINs of ยข.99. The funny thing is, it’s not the price that has him upset; it’s the fact that copies of his FMV debut are still in circulation. Trust us, after playing this installment of the Make My Video series, we feel his pain.