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Genesis Reviews

Action 52

Normally, a compilation of games is a good thing. The two stellar volumes of the Capcom Classics Collection and the awesome Taito Legends are perfect examples of how to make a set of great games. There’s a reason for that, though – the games are a blast to play. Action 52, on the other hand, is a textbook example of how to make the opposite of the sets I just mentioned. The games are laughable, and not a single one is memorable. Even the “best” of the set, Cheetahmen, has been neutered.

Genesis Reviews

Funny World & Balloon Boy

We bet you think you’ve played your share of weird and uncommon Genesis titles. From Taiwan to Korea, there are some games out there that many people still haven’t discovered. Unfortunately, Funny World & Balloon Boy isn’t one of them. No, too many people have been to exposed to Realtec’s “magic,” and it’s time we put the suffering to an end.

Genesis Reviews

Classic Collection

Europe saw many releases that never came to the U.S., and among them was a series of compilation carts that featured four Sega games each. One of them had Alex Kidd in the Enchanted Castle, Flicky, Altered Beast, and the seminal Gunstar Heroes. Quite a handy little collection on a single cart, wouldn’t you say? Well, it just so happens that we have a full review for you, so check this one out and see if it’s worth adding to your library.