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Sega CD Reviews

Fatal Fury Special

Want more fighting games? Haven’t gotten enough of SNK’s rowdy bunch of brawlers? Then maybe you need to try Fatal Fury Special for the Sega CD… or maybe not. It’s not all it’s cracked up to be, which is downright sad. You’ve probably seen this disappointment before, but just in case we’ve got you covered with our complete write up.

Genesis Reviews

Fatal Fury 2

One of the perks of owning a Genesis was getting all the big-name SNK fighters for a third of the cost. Among the many releases was Fatal Fury 2, which was quickly gobbled up by demanding fans. Sega-16 has the complete run down on how it held up, so read our review for all the black and blue details.

Genesis Reviews

Samurai Shodown

The early 90s saw a flood of fighting games, and many thought that the Genesis would never be able to accurately port one of the premier Neo Geo franchises when it was announced that Samurai Showdown would see a release. Were they right? Read our full review and see for yourself.