Author: Aaron Savadge

Genesis Reviews

Chase H.Q. II

Chasing down bad guys is a video game staple. Ramming their cars into flaming husks before taking them down and slapping the cuffs on them makes it even more fun! Taito let Genesis owners play the long arm of the law in the exclusive Chase H.Q. II, and while it might not set the world on fire, it’s a game that’s worth spending some time with.

Genesis Reviews

Phantom 2040

King Feature Syndicate’s The Phantom has been delighting readers since the 1930s, and every so often the character is revamped for new audiences. One of the most recent attempts came in the form of a new cartoon series that spawned a comic book and video game. The Phantom was recast as a young man turned hero in the mid 21st century. Phantom 2040lets the player control the Ghost Who Walks in a great adventure that bears more than a few similarities to Nintendo’s Metroid. Oh, you’ve never heard of it? Then read our full review and grab a copy!

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Sonic The Hedgehog: From Cartoons to Comics

We’ve already covered the lengthy game history of Sonic The Hedgehog, but he’s also had a noteworthy career in comic books and cartoons as well. Over the span of his fifteen year career, the famous mammal has appeared in several animated series and a flurry of comic books, including the long-running Archie Comics series (currently at almost 170 issues and counting).