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Game Gear Reviews

Taz-Mania (Game Gear)

Taz-Mania on the Genesis was a great game with incredible visuals and solid gameplay. Sadly, the Game Gear version bears little resemblance in quality, and sluggish gameplay ruins what could have been a great port. Fans of the character should stick to the Genesis games instead and avoid this one unless they absolutely need to play every Taz game there is.

Game Gear Reviews

Surf Ninjas

Developed in tandem with the movie, the Game Gear Surf Ninjas game is recognized for being the first tie-in release completed before its license. That’s about all it has going for it though, as stiff and repetitive gameplay and bland design bring it down almost the level of the movie.

Genesis Reviews

Super Baseball 2020

Like baseball? Enjoy watching robots fight? Then have we got a game for you! Super Baseball 2020 lets cyborgs and robots take America’s pastime to a whole new level. A brilliant port of the Neo Geo arcade classic, the Genesis version has all the sporty metal-mashing you could ever want. Play ball!