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Reader Roundtable Vol. 09

August means that summer is raging along with no end in sight to the hot and sticky weather. What’s the best way to escape those nasty temperatures? To stay inside, of course! Who needs things like nature and sunlight when there are so many great Genesis games to play? Our latest installment of Reader Roundtable reveals what everyone at Sega-16 is playing to beat the heat!

Features, Reader Roundtable

Reader Roundtable Vol. 07

Reader Roundtable has become one of our most popular features. Each month, Sega-16 fans get together and talk about their favorite Genesis/Sega CD/32X games, and it’s interesting to see the sheer diversity of what’s in people’s consoles at the moment. This month is no different, as we have a nice mix of different genres for all three systems. Read volume seven for more info!