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Genesis Reviews

Mallet Legend’s Whac-A-Critter

Every so often, a really odd game shows up on a console. Not weird as in “it looks/plays weird,” mind you. No, I’m referring to that special game that uses some strange peripheral or requires some unique set up to work. Take Realtec’s Whac-A-Critter, for example. It used a special nine-button controller that’s rarer in the wild than a Tazmanian Tiger, and all to just smack animals on a screen. After paying the equivalent of a organ transplant for a complete copy, I’m sure many buyers eventually got their money’s worth by using the controller against their own heads.

Genesis Reviews

Funny World & Balloon Boy

We bet you think you’ve played your share of weird and uncommon Genesis titles. From Taiwan to Korea, there are some games out there that many people still haven’t discovered. Unfortunately, Funny World & Balloon Boy isn’t one of them. No, too many people have been to exposed to Realtec’s “magic,” and it’s time we put the suffering to an end.