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Sega CD Reviews

Loadstar: The Legend of Tully Bodine

If there’s a bright side to having to review all these full-motion video games for the Sega CD, it’s that we’ve gone through the majority of them. A few still linger around the fringes of our consoles, like hungry puppies trying to force their way close to thier mother’s belly to nurse. One particularly determined puppy is Rocket Science’s space rail shooter Loadstar: The Legend of Tully Bodine. Typical for the genre, the gameplay falls far short of the cut scene production values, and gamers have yet another means to cure their insomnia.

Sega CD Reviews

Cadillacs & Dinosaurs

Dinosaurs always make things better, don’t they? What can be better than giant lizards smashing stuff? Well, pair them with fast cars, and you have the makings of the comic book classic Cadillacs and Dinosaurs. Capcom gave it the arcade treatment, and Rocket Science Games brought a FMV perspective to the series on the Sega CD. Wait! Come back! It’s not as bad as it sounds! Aside from being repetitive, the game’s not that bad, and the FMV gameplay is actually not at fault.