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Wild Woody

Wild Woody is a game most people have probably never heard of. A late Sega CD platformer that debuted into bargain bins, it features frustrating control and one of the oddest (putting it mildly) game characters around. Woody is a pencil who… how do I say this… um, erases his enemies with his butt.

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Interview: Spencer Nilsen (Composer)

He’s one of the most notable composers of the 16-bit era, and for some, one of the most controversial. Spencer Nilsen has been writing music for all forms of media for almost twenty years, and he has a particular place in the history of the Genesis and Sega CD. Sega-16 was fortunate enough to chat with him for a spell, so read the interview and see what he thinks of the whole Sonic CD soundtrack controversy!

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Interview: David Javelosa (Multimedia Studio Sound Director)

During first half of the ’90s, Sega was a growing company that poured lots of cash into research and development. At the forefront of this investment was its initiative to create one of the most modern audio studios in the industry, and to do so it assembled one of the best teams in the business. Alongside Brian Coburn and Spencer Nilsen, Sega also brought aboard David Javelosa as sound director. An experienced composer and musician, Javelosa quickly went to work, and the Sega Multimedia Studio crafted the audio for such CD hits as Jurassic Park. Sega-16 had a chance to chat with Mr. Javelosa about his time at Sega, and our Q&A session is something you won’t want to miss!

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Interview: Brian Coburn (SOA Composer & Sound Designer)

Sega has had many in-house composers over the years, but it was definitely at its prime during the Genesis era with the Sega Multimedia Studio. A crack team of sound designers and musicians, the studio was privy to the most modern equipment available, and it was responsible for scoring many Sega CD titles, like Ecco the Dolphin. Sega-16 recently sat for a bit with Brian Coburn, one of the many talented people who worked at the Multimedia Studio. A veteran of the music industry, Corburn went to great lengths to capture the sounds he needed, even almost getting bitten by an alligator while working on Jurassic Park CD!