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16-Bits of Adventure

Looking for some adventure? Tired of shooters and platformers? Then you might want to take a look at our feature 16-Bits of Adventure, which highlights some of the more interesting adventure games on both the Genesis and the Sega CD. Some of them are great, and some are… not so great, but all are worth looking into. Read the full article and see which ones you might have missed!

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Sega’s SVP Chip: The Road Not Taken?

Genesis fans were quick to point out the incredible visuals (for the time) of Virtua Racing, they were even quicker to notice the price — $100. The Sega Virtua Processor, designed to counter Nintendo’s own FX chip series, was highly powerful but too expensive to maintain in the face of the next hardware generation. It was supplanted by the 32X, a move that could possibly have been avoided. Read our complete article, Sega’s SVP Chip: The Road not Taken for all the details on the option Sega decided against, and how it might have actually saved them.

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Cart-Swapping Tricks: Cheating at Your Own Risk

Soon after the Genesis was launched in 1989, gamers everywhere made a startling discovery. It seemed that by removing certain titles without powering off the system, inserting another game and pressing restart, certain things happened. Some swap tricks merely changed the title screen to its Japanese equivalent while others opened the door to many famous cheat tricks. There was a serious risk of frying your console by performing any of these tricks but curiosity is a wicked mistress and some of the effects were downright awesome.