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Classic Interview: José Ángel Sánchez (Sega Spain)

These two interviews with Sega Spain’s CEO and General Director, José Ángel Sánchez, discuss Sega’s position in the Spanish 16-bit market, the Mega CD and 32X, the Saturn. and the Dreamcast’s launch and Sega’s online plans in Europe. They offer some great insight about the company’s business in Spain and its expectations for upcoming consoles.

Classic Interviews, Features

Classic Interview: Paco Pastor (Sega Spain President)

This interview with Sega Spain President Paco Pastor originally appeared in the November 1992 issue of Mega Force. In it, Pastor shares some candid opinions on Sega’s products at a time when the company’s European fortunes were on the rise. It’s an interesting glimpse into how Sega ran its business in Spain, a sector that doesn’t usually get much press.