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Teasers: Shaq-Fu: A Legend Reborn

Sometimes, the most unlikely of games get a second lease on life. That truth applies more to Shaq-Fu than just about any other game of the 16-bit era, but sometimes truth is stranger than fiction. Big Deez Productions is actually bringing the former NBA star back for a new PC game, and this time the game actually doesn’t sound so bad.

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Fighting games are always fun, aren’t they? They should be, shouldn’t they? That would be the case in a perfect world, but reality is a much different story. One big kick in the shin was Electronic Arts’ Shaq Fu, which contributor VinnyT actually summoned up the courage to play. Why, he’s even gone so far as to write a review about it! See? That’s what we’re here for: we play ’em so you don’t have to!