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Interview: Alan Cohn (SOA National Sales Director)

Sega of America struggled long and hard to make the Genesis a success, and it took a national team to topple Nintendo’s monopoly. As Sega’s National Director of Sales, Alan Cohn was an important part of this plan, and he was responsible for ensuring retailers like Kay-Bee Toys and Toys R Us were well-stocked with Sega goodness. We recently chatted with him, and he shared his experiences of working at Sega during its most successful period.

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Sega Stars: Joe Miller

In July of 2014, the SEGA community and video games in general lost one of their most innovative minds. Joe Miller’s passing marks the end of a brilliant career, but it also presents an opportunity to explore the rich legacy he leaves behind. His work at companies like Epyx, Atari, and SEGA altered gaming in many ways we still see and experience today.

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Interview: Joe Miller (SOA Senior VP of Product Dev.)

For more than a decade, Joe Miller has been seen almost exclusively as the virtual father of the 32X. What most people don’t know is that his role at Sega as Senior Vice President of Product Development was mostly software-driven, and though he saw the launch of almost a half-dozen platforms, he oversaw over a hundred in-house games and was involved with everything from the Sega Channel to the Multimedia Studio.

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Interview: Scot Bayless (SOA Technical Director)

Through the turbulent early ’90s Sega of America underwent a massive transformation that resulted in market dominance. Employees of the company during this time took part in a roller-coaster of a business that rose and crashed almost too fast to comprehend. One person with a front row seat to these events was Scot Bayless, a former Technical Director and producer for SOA.