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Genesis Reviews

Head-On Soccer

Despite what many people think, there are actually quality soccer games out there that don’t begin with “FIFA.” Case in point: U.S. Gold released a very playable title that featured quick, arcade-like gameplay and an isometric perspective. Though flawed, Head-On Soccer presents a solid alternative for those who don’t want the simulation style found in EA’s series.

Genesis Reviews

World Cup Italia ’90

Coming to America as World Championship Soccer, World Cup Italia ’90 originally saw a release in Europe, where it featured a few differences from its U.S. counterpart. Aside from some realistic player names (and a new title and box art, obviously), it also boasts an official FIFA license, something the American version lacked. Primitive when compared to EA’s efforts, it can still be fun with a friend.

Sega 32X Reviews

FIFA Soccer ’96 (32X)

Sandwiched between the 16-bit and true 32-bit versions, FIFA Soccer ’96 for the 32X is a middle child that actually deserves its neglect. It does nothing to stand out, and it offers little reason for a purchase over its siblings, outside of collecting. Still, it’s undoubtedly the best soccer game on the 32X.

Genesis Reviews

Ultimate Soccer

There are plenty of soccer titles on the Genesis, but few match the monsters that are FIFA and Sensible Soccer. Rage Software’s Ultimate Soccer made a dash for the cup, but it was ultimately eliminated due to an unintuitive camera, poor presentation, and mediocre gameplay.

Genesis Reviews

Super Kick-Off

Soccer is the world’s most popular sports, but that doesn’t exempt it from crappy games! There have been more than a fair share of duds from publishers over the year, and Super Kick Off sits comfortably on that list. Hey, it’s made by Tiertex! Need I say more?