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Genesis Reviews

Nightmare Circus

Completed but pulled from western release schedules at the eleventh hour, Nightmare Circus managed to make it to store shelves in South America thanks to Tec Toy. Given just how bad the game is, it’s no wonder that it was canned. Shoddy controls, poor hit detection, and an overall lack of action make this one game that would have been better off stillborn.

Genesis Reviews

Duke Nukem 3D

While Duke Nukem fans calmly wait until Judgement Day (also known as the day Duke Nukem Forever is actually released), they often look back on the character’s long and storied history. When running down the laundry list of consoles and computers that saw a version of his third and most famous adventure, few people would expect to see the Genesis on that list. Yep, the ol’ girl actually saw Duke Nukem 3D released, thanks to Brazil’s Tec Toy. It may not be in the same league as the original, but you have to at least give a nod to the effort.