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Sega Stars: Hiroshi Kawaguchi

For more than three decades, Hiroshi Kawaguchi has been the creative force behind many of Sega’s most beloved soundtracks. He has written music for all sorts of games, including classics like OutRun, Space Harrier, and After Burner; and he has played many of them live. Join us as we celebrate one of the greatest game composers of all time!

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Space Harrier II

When the Genesis launched back in ’89, nothing pleased us more than to get a sequel to Space Harrier. As one of the first titles out, it was great to have at what seem at the time to be a extremely fluid game. The scaling effects of the background to foreground were leaps and bounds for us who enjoyed the original back on the Sega Master System. So as far as Space Harrier is concerned, it’s a solid game.