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Sega CD Reviews

Iron Helix

Looking for a puzzle-solving, sci-fi thriller for your Sega CD? Iron Helix may be your game. Combining the interface of a graphic adventure with full-motion video cut scenes and puzzle elements, the game offers an experience uncommon on the platform. It may not be as deep as later titles, such as “D” and “Enemy Zero,” but it’s definitely worth playing.

Genesis Reviews


Everyone knows that the Genesis has a… generous selection of platformers. There’s literally more than you can imagine, and such a genre glut is sure to mean that some of the good ones are going to get overlooked. Take TinHead, for instance. Solid gameplay, great presentation, and a likeable character all make for a fun game, but most people haven’t played it. Have you?

Genesis Reviews

Soldiers of Fortune

PC lovers know the Bitmap Brothers well, and they’ve enjoyed plenty of hits over the years. Genesis owners got a good piece of the pie too, with such classics as Speedball 2: Brutal Deluxe. Another hit with Soldiers of Fortune, which was known as the Chaos Engine on the Amiga, made its way to both 16-bit consoles. It definitely has its fans, and we have a full review on it to persuade those fence-sitters to run out and get a copy!