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Interview: Spencer Nilsen (Composer)

He’s one of the most notable composers of the 16-bit era, and for some, one of the most controversial. Spencer Nilsen has been writing music for all forms of media for almost twenty years, and he has a particular place in the history of the Genesis and Sega CD. Sega-16 was fortunate enough to chat with him for a spell, so read the interview and see what he thinks of the whole Sonic CD soundtrack controversy!

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Hands-On: Ecco: Songs of Time Music Collection

The quality of Spencer Nilsen’s Ecco the Dolphini scores is undeniable. Haunting yet inviting, they soothe and offer the perfect picture of what life under the sea must sound like. Many of the tracks from both games were released on a single CD entitled Ecco: Songs of Time, and Sega-16 staff editor Ben Galway has all the details on why it’s such a great piece to own.