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Interview: Namco Bandai (Splatterhouse)

Namco Bandai recently announced a new game in the Splatterhouse series, one that would revisit the mythos and reboot the franchise instead of being a true sequel. Electronic Gaming Monthly (EGM) had the scoop with lots of great details and screen shots of Rick’s latest foray into the macabre mansion of Dr. West. As major Splatterhouse fans ourselves, Sega-16 knocked on Namco’s door in hopes of getting some insight on how the game compares to the previous Genesis releases, as well as what we could expect from the gameplay. Namco was gracious enough to let us chat with the game’s two producers, and we have the complete interview available for you! Set aside the hockey masks and meat cleavers, and take some time to read up on the rebirth of a classic!

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History of: Splatterhouse

You like survival horror? Gory, flesh-eating zombies and tons of blood? Forget Resident Evil; we’ve got the original house of horrors right here on the Genesis. Enter, if you dare and read up on the history of Splatterhouse in our newest feature. Don’t worry, I won’t tell anyone if you have to leave the light on….

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Splatterhouse 3

Arising from the mediocrity that was Splatterhouse 2 came a sequel with that packed a little more punch and bled a little more blood. Namco picked up the rusty and cranky gameplay and polished it up a lot, creating not only the best in the series but also a great beat-em-up that was absolutely crammed to the fullest with challenge, a ton of unforgettable action, and most importantly a pile of unnecessary violence and gore.

Genesis Reviews

Splatterhouse 2

The first sequel to the arcade and TurboGrafx-16 classic, Splatterhouse 2 offers more of the same gory fun but with better visuals and special effects. Fans of the first game should definitely give it a try, and there’s plenty of chills and monsters for action and horror fans alike.