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Hard Drivin’

When you think “racing game,” you tend to think of blinding speed and screeching tires. Few people, if any, would think of loop-de-loops and… cows? Yes, the latter can only bring one racer to mind – that of Atari’s Hard Drivin’, which received a Genesis port by Tengen. Was the game too much for the stock console to handle, or was the old black box capable of reproducing a true driving simulator?

Genesis Reviews

PGA Tour Golf

Ever since Sterling Silver Software (later called Polygames) started the PGA Tour Golf series on the Genesis, consoles have been getting a yearly fix. The franchise is huge now, with brand exclusivity and Tiger Woods’ face plastered on the box, but it all started on Sega’s little black box.

Genesis Reviews


Ah, Road Blasters. Many an hour was spent by yours truly playing the NES version of this game years ago. The adrenaline-pumping speed and addictive gameplay made it something that I couldn’t stop playing. Now, a decade later, as I play the Genesis version of the game, I can say that the game is just as fun to play now as it was then.