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Game Gear Reviews

Shining Force: Sword of Hajya

The Shining games are some of Sega’s most beloved franchises, and there have been many great releases. The Game Gear was a big part of this, with an excellent entry in the classic Shining Force series. Everything that made fans fall in love with these engrossing strategy/RPGs on the Genesis has made the transition intact. This is definitely one to play.

Genesis Reviews

Vixen 357

One of the best strategy/RPGs you’ve never played, Vixen 357 is developed by the same people who brought us Langrisser, Gleylancer, and Target Earth. That’s some pedigree, and if you like your action with mechs, then Masaya has got you covered. The language barrier is a bit troublesome, but it’s definitely worth the effort. And that intro! Oh my!

Genesis Reviews

Langrisser II

Many previously Japanese-only titles are being enjoyed by audiences the world over because they are finally playable to non-Japanese speakers, and there are currently several groups translating games. One title that is definitely worth checking out is Langrisser II 2, the sequel to the excellent Warsong.