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Genesis Reviews


Taito apparently loved the Genesis, publishing a multitude of arcade ports that were highly playable, despite being toned down (downright cut up in some cases). There were quite a few games that never made the transition to the home market, but most of the company’s arcade catalogue of the time got a Genesis release. Cadash was one title that saw some questionable changes in its port (I understand only having two-player co-op, but why remove characters?) yet still remained enjoyable.

Genesis Reviews

Master of Weapon

Ah shmups. Call them shooters or what you will, there’s no denying their appeal. Dashing through space, killing all in your path…it’s a most satisfying way to spend an afternoon; however, sometimes the glory isn’t worth the pain. Take Taito’s Master of Weapon, for instance. If ever a game should have stayed in the arcade, this was it.

Sega CD Reviews

Night Striker

oming off the powerful Z hardware system, Night Striker was one title that might have been a little more than the Mega CD could handle. Still, it’s not all bad, and is worth checking out if you’re itching for another import title for your library.

Genesis Reviews


Taito has given many consoles a taste of its Darius franchise, and the Genesis was no exception. Though the name of the second game was changed to Sagaia, everything else is pure Darius fun. Our full report tells all, and you know you just can’t get enough of those massive space fish!